{ Life after Valentine’s Day } – for grateful tired florists

I am so very grateful to my wonderful staff –  who are conscientious and committed to our customers and to providing services and products in “The Mackenzie Way” @Mackenzie’s Floral.  We are also thankful to our incredible vendors who find the highest quality and freshest roses available in a highly demanding season. Last but not least…we are highly thankful to our customers who want to send their loved ones something unique and fresh—and return season after season to bless us with their business and friendship.

Sample photos from a few of our orders:

This is a new variety of antique roses – we use alot in vintage weddings

All white flowers–roses+hydrangeas+tulips


A few lovely little ideas that will help prolong the flowers occupying your offices and homes:

1.  recut all stems from your arrangements  and immediately place in a clean vase with fresh water and a drop of bleach.

2.  mist fresh water or a hydrating solution to all blooms

3. remove any leaves at base of stems to be sure the water stays bacteria free

pink and purple hydrangeas+roses+privet berries

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your flowers !!