{ Incredible India } the journey begins after wedding day….down the road Ghandi traveled

It is impossible to describe with words in print the untouched beauty of the people and the country of India.   January 10-February 28 is the very best time of the year day with lots of sunshine and some fog.  One or 2 layers of light sweaters and scarf is all that was required during the day and night time more scarfs or sweaters–no coats needed.





Primary form of transportation


Our departure from Patna, Bihar (site of the wedding ceremony, home to 3 million people) took us on the road towards Motihari, (ancestral homeplace of the groom and location where M.Ghandi began his hunger march across India) We crossed the Ganges River on a bridge that spanned more than 4 miles.  There was construction and lots of traffic but it gave us more time to observe the river—I could not have imagined how very huge it actually is just by looking at the pictures and dimensions on paper.





Tea Break in the Country side

Ganges River

Temple in Patna

Group transportation