a rose is a rose is a rose…

All roses are not created equal.

At MacKenzie’s, we pride ourselves in having sourced select premium roses from Holland. These unique, highly sought after roses have an amazing petal count, freshness, and wonderful fragrance!

If your love is as beautiful and exotic as our roses, make this Valentine’s Day a game changer. Call us at (270) 782-6954 to place your order ASAP!

{here is a sampling of the wide variety of our unusual, fragrant and beautiful rose selection}




large bouquet

red “hearts”

50 red roses

valentine deluxe

pink + purple

spring garden mix

valentine’s day special

spring garden mix

Here is a sampling of flowers that can be used to create a unique, beautiful spring garden mix for your Valentine. Pricing depends on size and flower choice.
Call us at (270) 782-6954 to place your order ASAP!

premium, select fragrant blooms