{Namaste’} = “I see the light in you”…..India 2012

It’s hard to believe 30 days have passed since the Wedding Ceremony in Patna, Bihar India.
I’ve added a few more photos and thoughts about the lovely people and beautiful country. “I see the light in you” = Namaste

A warm welcome to Patna and the Ranjan home

The fun and excitement started the moment I got there.

Grandmother of the Bride

The night of dancing before the wedding with the Brides Family–“Sangeet”

Roiann and Mukesh at Sangeet in Patna

Cousins of the Bride having fun

Day of Henna, “Mehendi” before the big wedding.

Henna Tattoo

Yamini and Roiann

“Namaste” has a whole new meaning for me and no longer just reserved for the end of my yoga class.