Friday in Capetown

penguins, baboons & foraging...

This morning we traveled to  Chapman’s peak and Kemp’s Bay (the area of Oprah’s home) to see the penguins— and spotted baboons while we were enroute to Veld and Sea.

Later, we hiked up the hills behind the nursery for plant identification, meditation and a cup of Roobios tea. I was given permission to collect a fern frond from the brackish variety growing up hillside—the first plant species to reappear after the devastating fires in November 2017.

We were fortunate to learn about sustainable and responsible foraging with the most interesting and knowledgeable women {}. The afternoon with Roshashana and Gemma was amazing!! Botanical foraging. then cooking and cocktail-making with foraged blooms and herbs. I was on the team with Sue to stuff the hibiscus leaves with cream cheese mixture. Hard to say which course I liked best—butternut squash soup with spicy chick peas, feta stuffed blossoms or homemade chocolate iced donuts with flower petals...the least I can do is share our delicious Smoke & Rose cocktail recipe, though!

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  1. Light dried wild mint leaves and sage, extinguish the flames and place a fire-proof class over it for a good smoking to flavor the inside. 
  2. Turn the glass upright and add:
    • 1 jigger gin
    • 1 tsp rose water syrup
    • top off with tonic
    • stir
    • add flower herb ice cubes