A beautifully busy weekend

It’s one of those weekends where I come home exhausted but feel tremendously grateful for everything I have. It’s been an extremely busy weekend at MacKenzie’s. We’ve had proms, wedding, graduations, and Mother’s Day to prepare for and deliveries were constantly running out the door. But, it’s times like this busy weekend where I appreciate everything I have:  my wonderful customers, my hard-working employees, and the fact that I can walk into MacKenzie’s each day and call it mine. I’m so fortunate to do something that I love so much and I would like to thank all of you for helping me achieve it all.

I would personally like to congratulate those who graduated from WKU and the Gatton Academy this weekend.

I wish a lifetime of happiness to our beautiful brides and would like to send thanks to the mothers, like myself, who are there to support and raise wonderful children.

And to our vibrant prom clients:  your lives are just beginning. Do good and be good.